The very first issue of Valley Views magazine was published by Stan C. Countz in March of 1980. It featured a full-color photo of the McHenry Mansion on the cover and was, by all estimations, the central San Joaquin valley’s first regional magazine. Countz published 30 issues of Valley Views from 1980 to 1983 before “desktop publishing” was even a word in the dictionary. “When we referred to ‘cutting and pasting’ back then,” Countz recalls, “we were cutting with an Exacto knife and pasting with hot wax.”

Fast-forward 20 years later and Countz publishes Valley Views again from the spring of 2003 to the summer of 2006. The magazine grew to 100 pages in three issues and stayed strong until the summer 2006. In 2004, Countz launched – the website and, in 2005, he produced four episodes of a half-hour cable TV show entitled Valley Views Spotlight which served as an audio-video extension of the magazine.


In January of 2014, Countz decided that the economy was making a slight comeback and so he is preparing to publish the 42nd issue of Valley Views as an interactive multimedia magazine. He will be designing and printing the magazine but will also be producing audio and video-enhanced content to embed in the digital edition of Valley Views. If you have a community, a destination, a business, non-profit organization or a story that you think might be of interest to Valley Views readers, subscribers, viewers or listeners, feel free to contact us.